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Physical specification

The UCC2 controller is housed inside a 3U high enclosure which can be mounted in a 19 inch rack. Alternatively, it can be used as a desktop unit.

A rack mounting kit (Renishaw part number A-5121-0006) is available as an optional extra.

  • Height: 127 mm
  • Depth: 330 mm
  • Width: 435 mm
  • Weight: 8 kg (without cables and daughtercards)

Cable lengths

UCC2 to CMM measuring scale readhead

The maximum specified cable length is 18 metres assuming that individual cable wire cross-sectional area is a minimum of 0.055 mm². For further details please refer to "CMM readhead input connections".

UCC2 to CMM servo power amplifier input

Dependent on the servo power amplifier, SPAlite, SPA1 or SPA2-2, this link is either a dedicated 25-way D-type cable or a pair of Ethernet cables. One metre cables are supplied as standard with the SPA kits. Other lengths can be fitted but it is recommended that the cable is kept as short as possible with a maximum cable length of 2 metres.

Ethernet cable link to PC

This is a standard Ethernet cat 5 cross-over cable and a 5 metres cable is supplied as part of the UCC2 kit.

Other lengths can be fitted up to a maximum of 100 metres.

Scale readhead signal speed

The maximum frequency of any one of the scale readhead quadrature signals, with ideal waveforms and phase displacement, is 12.5 MHz. However, it is recommended that the maximum frequency of any one of the scale readheads should be 10 MHz.

Electrical power requirements

Controller output supplies

The UCC2 produces a +24 V current limited supply with a maximum output current of 1 A. This supply is available for use by the CMM system to supply status switches, etc.

The UCC2 also provides protected supplies for other external devices such as scale read-heads, the probe, joystick, etc.

These supplies are:

+ 5 Vdc* at 1 A max

+15 Vdc at 1 A max

- 15 Vdc at 1 A max

* The supply to the scale readheads is a nominal 5.2 Vdc but, providing the sensor lines are connected through to the readhead, this voltage servoes within the range 5 Vs to 7 Vs to ensure the supply is 5.2 V at the readhead i.e. it compensates for the cable volt drop. If the sensor lines are not connected the supply defaults to 5.2 Vdc.