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Upgrade brackets and blanking plates

By using a combination of the following brackets and / or blanking panels, any combination of existing and new Renishaw product can be mounted together inside a 19 inch cabinet rack. The bracket kits shown in this leaflet are supplied with all the necessary fixtures.

Configuration options for 2U high products

2U bracket options for a 19 inch rack

Configuration options for 1U high products

1U bracket options for a 19 inch rack

Parts list

No.ProductDescriptionPart number


Large mounting plateTo mount 2U (1/3 or 2/3 19 inch width) productA-1018-0123


Rack mount bracket kitTo mount 2U (1/3 and 2/3) product togetherA-1018-0124


1U conversion bracketTo mount a 1U 1/3 product next to a 2U 2/3 productA-1018-0173


Small mounting bracket kit

To mount full width 1U product - UCC T3, UCC T5, SPA3

To mount full width 1U product - PHC10




1U full width blanking panelTo fill 1U space when 1U product is used in 2U spaceP-PC01-0002


1/3 1U mounting bracket kitTo mount a 1/3 1U product in a full width 1U spaceA-1018-0179


Link bracket kitTo link two 2U products togetherA-1018-0126