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PH5/1 is a five-way fixed head with 'B' axis indexing, overtravel adjustment.

PH5/1 with TP20 and TP6

The PH5/1 probe head is similar to the PH5 model. It is a compact unit that is capable of carrying up to five TP2 or TP6 touch-trigger probes simultaneously, or one TP200 strain gauge probe.


290 g

Number of probe sockets


Overtravel break load

Adjustable from 0.02 kgf (0.44 lbf) to locked solid

Probe status indication

2 LEDs

Cable connection

5-pin DIN 180° socket

A-axis indexing


B-axis indexing

15° steps through 360°

Extended warranty

For peace of mind a 3-year warranty is available for your new CMM products during the first 3 months from purchase. Contact your vendor.