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Metal additive manufacturing (3D printing) systems

Renishaw additive manufacturing systems use metal powder bed fusion technology to build complex components direct from digital CAD files.

Benefits of additive manufacturing (AM)

  • Component weight reduction - only build material where required for optimised part geometry
  • Rapid design iterations
  • Bespoke or customised items
  • Multiple part consolidation
  • Reduce tooling costs
  • Build complex geometries such as thin walls, lattices and internal features
  • Increased design freedom - AM is not constrained by traditional design rules

Inert gas atmosphere

Class leading inert atmosphere and minimal gas consumption

Renishaw's patented class leading inert atmosphere generation works by first creating a vacuum before back filling with high purity argon gas. This method ensures a high quality build environment as well as minimal argon usage for atmosphere generation. It is suitable for all qualified metals including titanium and aluminium.

Gas consumption is further minimised by the use of a fully sealed and welded chamber that also contributes to robustness.

Open material parameters

Renishaw follows an open parameter ethos, providing our customers with freedom to optimise machine settings to suit the material being processed and the user's specific geometry.

Safe powder handling

All Renishaw AM systems benefit from our patented SafeChange™ filter and system powder handling via the glove box, helping to minimise user contact with materials and process emissions. Our industrial manufacturing systems further benefit from automated powder sieving and recirculation.

Finance options

Renishaw's in-house finance options are simple and competitively priced, enabling you to choose the most appropriate solution for your business.

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Fixed monthly costs to match your cashflow requirements.

A hire purchase/capital lease agreement with Renishaw provides all the benefits of ownership without the initial capital outlay. After a deposit you pay regular instalments covering capital repayment, interest and maintenance.

Operating lease for additive manufacturing equipment

Low monthly payments, no disposal worries and a purchase option at the end of the agreement. An operating lease gives you maximum flexibility.

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