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Renishaw's latest encoder product news, case stories and technical articles, allowing designers to integrate a wide range of encoders into motion control systems

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  • Substrate mastered encoder scale for laser cutting machine

    Laser cutting machine application Laser cutting is used across industries ranging from aerospace to civil construction. This article explores how Renishaw’s substrate mastered linear encoder scales, such as RKL, might be used in a fibre laser cutting application where a laser is used to precisely cut large sheets or plates of metal.

  • Renishaw expands range of encoders for Functional Safety

    RESOLUTE and TONIC FS encoders Renishaw launches new encoders for functional safety applications at SPS IPC Drives Nuremberg (Germany). Please visit stand 231 to talk to our experts about the TONiC™ FS incremental encoder and the RESOLUTE™ FS with BISS® Safety absolute encoder.

  • Whitepaper: The accuracy of rotary encoders

    Rotary scale banner This new whitepaper edition includes new figures and text, and outlines the major factors affecting rotary encoder performance to help designers choose the best encoder system for their application.

  • ATOM DX™: Performance in miniature

    ATOM DX RSS Renishaw, a world-leading metrology company, has launched its smallest incremental optical encoder with digital output direct from the readhead, eliminating the need for bulky interfaces. This new high-performance encoder features resolutions down to 2.5 nm, low Sub Divisional Error (SDE) and low jitter.

  • Application note: Miniaturising innovation in the encoder business with the ATOM™ encoder

    ATOM™ on index finger The ATOM miniature optical encoder was launched in 2014 and is Renishaw's smallest incremental encoder product. It remains one of the most compact optical encoder solutions on the market. This article explores the advanced manufacturing techniques used to make the ATOM encoder and concludes with a real example of how the ATOM encoder helps to streamline the REVO-2 manufacturing process, while still providing exceptional metrology performance.

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