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Simplifying volumetric compensation for precision applications

Volumetric compensation optimises machine performance, improving accuracy and reducing scrap.

The addition of Compensate into the CARTO software suite allows you to easily minimise all geometric errors in your machine.

Features and benefits

  • Quickly updates volumetric error tables using a formatted compensation file
  • Intuitive software replaces complex calculations
  • Errors can be easily shared between all CARTO applications

When machine tools are new, there are positioning errors in multiple degrees of freedom that vary throughout the working volume. During the normal operational life, machine performance will degrade due to mechanical wear. Linear errors are compensated for using backlash and pitch error compensation, but angular, straightness and squareness errors remain in the machine. This often results in difficulty in achieving desired tolerances, leading to increased component scrap.

A machine's three linear axes can quickly be measured using the XM-60 multi-axis calibrator. The addition of the QC20-W ballbar system to measure the squareness errors between these axes provides the required data to easily create compensation files. This process removes the need to manually populate error tables.

When volumetric compensation is applied, the machine tool controller automatically applies a correction to reduce the effect of geometric errors. The end result is consistent performance across the entire working volume, allowing the user to fully understand their machine performance capability.

Compensate is compatible with Siemens 840D Solution Line controls that have the Siemens VCS option (A3, A5 or A5 plus). Support for additional controllers is under development.