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Dental software and scanners

Renishaw's flexible dental CAD technology, powered by exocad and modular in its expansion, grows with your dental laboratory.

Renishaw Dental Studio

Renishaw Dental Studio (RDS) uses the highly successful exocad open STL dental CAD package to enable a wide range of applications within the dental laboratory.

Renishaw DS10 scanner for accuracy

The DS10 contact scanner provides the precision using Renishaw's established probing technology. These contact probes are capable of accurately capturing positional data as well as angulations, which is especially important for multi-unit implant work and difficult for optical systems to master.

Medit T300 and T500 scanners for speed

The 'T-series' powerful scan engine and affordable pricing are the perfect fit to help your lab rediscover productivity thanks to its convenient design and advanced features. These optical scanners provide the speed required for obtaining large areas of surface data such as soft tissues and adjacent and opposing dentition.

Hybrid scanning

Combine the DS10 with either a Medit T300 or T500 to work seamlessly together with our advanced CAD package to form a hybrid scanning solution, delivering flexibility, speed and accuracy.


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