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Driving innovative manufacturing in the automotive sector

20 April 2017

Global engineering technologies company Renishaw hosted a UK Automotive Open House on Thursday 6th April, where leading manufacturers from all over the UK heard how Renishaw could improve their manufacturing processes. The day also included talks from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), BLOODHOUND SSC and Renishaw's associate company Metrology Software Products (MSP).

Major companies from the automotive industry were in attendance, including representatives from leading vehicle manufacturers and key suppliers. Taking place in the Renishaw Innovation Centre, the event also allowed visitors to see the full-scale replica of the BLOODHOUND SSC car and put themselves in the shoes of driver Andy Green by enjoying a simulated run in the cockpit using virtual reality helmets.

During the morning session Luke Hampton of the SMMT provided an update on the state of the automotive industry and future trends, followed by educational presentations from Renishaw about productive and efficient process control for manufacturing and innovative co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) probe solutions for the automotive sector. Attendees also heard how to remove part errors by improving setting processes at the machine tool before machining begins using MSP's NC-PerfectPart.

During the day visitors also had a tour of the Renishaw Innovation Centre where they experienced live demonstrations of Renishaw's cutting-edge technologies Including: the XM-60 laser measurement system capable of measuring errors in six degrees of freedom; MSP software which allows the user to quickly check the accuracy of a machine tool's linear and rotary movements and combine the results into a single report; the SPRINT™ on-machine contact scanning system for CNC machine tools; the Equator™ high speed gauging system; REVO-2 revolutionary multi sensor 5-axis CMM probe, plus an exclusive preview of the latest CMM surface finish technology from Renishaw.

Visitors also heard from Renishaw's Stephen Crownshaw about metal additive manufacturing and its role within the automotive industry, including design for manufacture and how Renishaw's additive manufacturing systems and software can be integrated into current manufacturing processes. Tony Parraman from BLOODHOUND SSC then ended the day by giving a fascinating insight into the BLOODHOUND project, explaining how the latest engineering technologies, including Renishaw's additive manufacturing systems, are enabling the world land speed record attempt to become reality. Tony also spoke about the project's focus on inspiring the next generation of engineers through their various education engagement activities.

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