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DS30 blue light scanner

Take full advantage of the DS30's fast scanning times and adaptable nature to help streamline your laboratory's workflow and increase productivity.

High speed scanning

DS30 with accessories

The DS30, based on the Medit Identica Blue™ dental scanner, brings flexibility, speed and accuracy to Renishaw's scanner line-up.

The use of advanced ‘blue light' technology allows quicker and more accurate data capture into narrow and deep areas than conventional dental scanners.

Intelligent multi-view allows the selection of the best possible angles to acquire the required data.

Impression scanning is fast and accurate, allowing the digital manufacturing process to proceed without the need of a conventional model.

Multi-die mode allows for the rapid creation of high volumes of shell copings. Where time is of the essence, it is possible to scan and design 8 shell copings with collars in less than 8 minutes.

Features at a glance

  • Blue light scanning
  • Full bridge scanning
  • Abutment scanning pins
  • Antagonist scanning
  • Impression + wax scanning
  • Based on Medit's Identica Blue scanner

DS30 - Overview

  • Renishaw’s DS30 dental blue light scanner showing its flexibility and speed. Coupled with RDS (Exocad), the DS30 is suitable for a wide range of dental lab applications.


Image gallery

  • DS30 fish eye motion shot
  • DS30 optical scanner
  • DS30 with accessories
  • Model on DS30

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