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Global engineering firm’s in-house academy proves fruitful

26 February 2015

The Additive Manufacturing Products Division of Renishaw is reaping the benefits of the company's specialised internal training scheme, called the Applications Academy. Divisions of the global engineering firm are snapping up programme graduates as fast as they can complete the intense training.

The Applications Academy was established in 2010 as the result of the global engineering firm's assessment of its future business requirements. Renishaw identified a growing demand for applications engineers and acted to create a training programme dedicated to this role.

The Academy recruits promising graduates who then spend 21 months training to become applications engineers. The programme includes a three month induction that all graduates joining the company complete and three placements into different Renishaw divisions.

Upon completing the Applications Academy programme, graduates should have an excellent grasp of engineering principles, a good understanding of manufacturing processes, methods and techniques, as well as excellent communication and business skills. A career within the Applications stream can lead to positions such as senior or principal applications engineer, or even managerial positions like applications or operations manager.

Demand for the programme is at an all time high and last year Renishaw doubled its intake of graduates. The success of Renishaw's Applications Academy is reflected in how fast graduates are being snapped up by divisions of the engineering firm upon completing the course.

Since 2010, 35 candidates have graduated from the Academy, based at Renishaw's headquarters in New Mills, Gloucestershire. Charlie Birkett who graduates this Christmas, already has a place secured and is currently working at the company's Additive Manufacturing Products Division in Stone, Staffordshire.

"I graduated from Exeter University as a mechanical engineer and was lucky enough to be accepted into the Applications Academy," explains Charlie Birkett, very-soon-to-be applications engineer at Renishaw. "Engineering at university was very different to actually working in the industry. At Renishaw, the majority of my role is very practical instead of theory based.

"One of my three placements was in the Machine Tool Products Division, which gave me the opportunity to learn in a very hands-on environment. It helped my growth as an engineer exponentially.

"When I learned of an opening at the additive manufacturing division in Stone, I leapt at the chance to work with some of the most innovative and exciting technology around. Renishaw was more than happy to facilitate my request."

Renishaw is now looking to extend its growth and development programme by accepting apprentices at the Academy.

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