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Graduate Manufacturing Engineer

Our Graduate Manufacturing Engineers benefit from a 2 and a half year structured development programme with placements in various departments within the Manufacturing Services Division.

Graduate Manufacturing Engineers

All graduate streams will open from the 3rd September 2018 until the 9th November 2018.

Relevant disciplines: Electronic Engineering, Mathematics, Manufacturing Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Production Engineering and Robotics / Automation.

Renishaw offers exciting opportunities for graduates within our Manufacturing Services Division. The graduate development programme for Manufacturing Engineers aims to develop ambitious, talented and self-motivated graduates into the skilled technical experts and managers required to grow and advance the manufacturing side of our business.

You will follow a personalised and structured two and a half year programme based on a series of three to six month placements covering a broad range of disciplines. Placements and projects will be 'tuned' to your ambitions and always involve work on real projects delivering tangible business benefits.

The scheme is split into both Graduate Electronic Manufacturing Engineers and Graduate Manufacturing Engineers in order to tailor your experience and placements to your interests.