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LaserRPD's™ (RPD's)

LaserRPD™ - Removable Partial Dentures are metal 3D printed in CoCr.  Give better comfort and retention for patients and save time, money and create less waste materials for labs.


LaserRPD's are custom-made devices manufactured in the UK in accordance with ISO 13485, using CE marked cobalt chrome.

Benefits of digital vs traditional dentures

Reduced maintenance costs for expensive furnaces and casting equipment.
Less wasted alloy.
No wasted wax.
No wasted investment material.
Improved health and safety features.
Potential reduction in environmental impact due to waste reduction.
Ability to recall, change design and remanufacture without the need to restart the entire process
Share designs between technicians and clinicians via internet/e-mail to help productivity.
Shorter process workflow.