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Laser dynamic positioning for marine offshore support vessels

Renishaw's Fanbeam® laser-based DP position reference system has led the market for over 20 years due to its durability, high performance in tough conditions, and ease of use.

Laser-based DP position reference system

Fanbeam 5 keeps fleets working year after year, even in tough conditions. 

A tried-and-tested position reference system

The Fanbeam laser-based DP position reference system (PRS) provides vessel operators with the peace of mind that comes from decades of product development based on in-field use. Together, Fanbeam's robust construction and responsive global service ensure your vessels and fleets can keep working.

Introducing the intuitive Fanbeam® Controller 4.0

Discover the advanced features of the new user-friendly Fanbeam Controller 4.0. Find out how this software and PC will enable vessel DPOs to perform safer more efficient DP operations.

Keep your vessel working

Fanbeam 5 is designed to help vessel operators keep fleets working. Our vast network of global service centres is staffed by technicians trained by us, and stocked with spare parts and replacement units ready to go.

Our fleet spare package supports planned maintenance and minimises the risk of losing DP classification and day rate.

Support and upgrades

Fanbeam 5 builds on our long history of working with fleet managers and dynamic position operators (DPOs) to deliver our most accurate and reliable DP system yet. Customers upgrading to the latest system see real improvements in stability and target identification, with less interference. They also benefit from the Fanbeam Controller 4.0 control software, which makes it easier to interpret and act on information, speeding up operations and aiding decision-making.