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New Raman Demonstration Laboratory for Renishaw Shanghai

23rd January 2015

Renishaw (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd. has opened a Raman Demonstration Laboratory within its new 3,200 m2 headquarters in the Shibei Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai's Zhabei District. The new laboratory office environment is the model of elegance and efficiency. The interior of the lab features an environmentally controlled clean room with an inVia research-grade confocal Raman microscope. This is the second Raman Demonstration Laboratory to be established in the China region following the one in Beijing.

Zheng Wang, General Manager of Renishaw (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd.'s Raman Department said: “Renishaw has consistently developed and innovated new technologies over the last 20 years, and continues to lead the Raman spectroscopy industry. Renishaw products are widely used in all kinds of scientific research and application sectors, such as physics and chemistry, geological sciences and gemmology, materials science, forensic science, the appraisal of works of art and cultural artefacts, biomedicine, semiconductor materials and life sciences.

“Renishaw has established Raman Demonstration Laboratories in Beijing and Shanghai; this means that users in all regions of China will receive a comprehensive and even more convenient service, as well as even higher quality after-sales support. We will continue to develop the Raman applications sector and improve service quality to deliver an international standard service with local engineers.”

With the launch of the Shanghai Demonstration Laboratory, Renishaw will deliver stronger support and a higher level of local service for the Chinese Raman spectroscopy scientific research, analysis and testing markets.

inVia confocal Raman microscope
The inVia is recognised for its high performance and great flexibility. It is simple to operate, yet delivers outstanding performance and reliable results, making it the world's most popular Raman microscope for scientific research.

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