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New software extends QC20-W ballbar capability for time based data capture

August 2015

Renishaw is introducing Ballbar Trace at EMO 2015; a new time based data capture software package for the company's QC20-W ballbar which is used to verify the positioning performance of CNC machine tools. The new software is free of charge to existing QC20-W users and opens up many new applications, including static monitoring and data capture for ISO 10791-6, and also reduces test setup time for the system. To accompany Ballbar Trace a new version of XCal-View data analysis software will also be released to provide enhanced data analysis.

QC20-W is a wireless telescoping ballbar capable of very accurately measuring deviations in length. Optimised for performance verification and diagnosis of CNC machine tools, QC20-W reduces machine down-time, scrap and inspection costs.

ISO standard 10791 specifies the test conditions for machining centres with 4 or 5 axes. Part 6 of ISO 10791 documents kinematic verification tests using a ballbar. The data collected from a set of multi-axis machine moves simultaneously verifies the contouring accuracy of the three traditional Cartesian axes and one or two rotary axes.

Quick data analysis to international standards

The new XCal-View release 2.3 data analysis software will provide users with the ability to swiftly examine and interrogate captured Ballbar Trace data.It also allows instant reporting to the ISO 10791-6 format.

XCal-View release 2.3 will be available free of charge to all existing XCal-View users.New users will be able to purchase the software via their local Renishaw office. Downloads of both Ballbar Trace and XCal-View release 2.3 will be available from

Ballbar Trace and XCal-View release 2.3 provide a simple but powerful tool to meet the needs of ISO 10791-6 and more flexible QC20-W use. Further development of Ballbar Trace will follow further to extend functionality.

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