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Primo™ – automated setting

Automated setting – improve your manufacturing

A fundamental requirement for accuracy and a fast set-up time on your machine tool is automated setting. This is the process of setting workpieces and tools with automatic measuring devices, and replaces measurement tasks that would traditionally be done by hand. Manual methods can be prone to error and lead to scrap parts being made if, for instance:

  • a workpiece offset is incorrectly calculated then the part may be cut in the wrong position; or
  • a tool length is incorrectly set then all the parts cut with that tool will be an incorrect size.

Automate your manufacturing using the Primo™ system

  • Accuracy of your set-up process increases, meaning higher quality parts are made.
  • Cycle time is reduced, meaning you gain more time to make parts.
  • Scrap rate is reduced, leading to a greater number of good parts being made.

Use the Primo system benefits calculator to find out how much you can gain by using the Primo system to improve your manufacturing process.

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