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Renishaw demonstrates innovative implant technology to prosthetists and technologist

17 July 2017

Global engineering and healthcare technologies company, Renishaw is attending the 28th Institute of Maxillofacial Prosthetists and Technologists (IMPT) Congress. The meeting is taking place between September 6th and 8th at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland.

Renishaw will be exhibiting its ADEPT software at the congress. Prosthetists and technologists can use this software to design craniomaxillofacial implants using information from patient CT or MRI scans. Introducing this technology to hospitals can help prosthetists efficiently and accurately produce these implants to improve surgery time and general hospital practices.

Renishaw will also showcase its metal 3D printed custom guides for cutting, drilling and placement, as well as its craniomaxillofacial implants. Maxillofacial implants and guides have been used in surgery for many years. However, complex designs can now be created by additive manufacturing, specifically for each patient. Visitors will also see previous examples of successful reconstructions using this technology.

“Renishaw is attending the congress meeting for the first time to showcase its 3D printing technology, which can greatly benefit prosthetists and technologists,” explained Ed Littlewood, Marketing Manager of Renishaw's Medical and Dental Division. “Additive manufacturing produces customised implants that can improve results in more advanced applications, such as facial reconstruction.
“At the congress, healthcare professionals will be able to see the process of designing implants on our easy-to-use ADEPT software and the potential of this technology in the production of accurate guides and implants in the medical sector.”

The IMPT is an international organisation and charity with members in over 24 countries and over 100 prosthetists and technologists will attend the annual congress in September. The Institute creates a support network for its members and also oversees the training, qualifications and practice of maxillofacial prosthetists.

Renishaw is a global leader in additive manufacturing and healthcare technology. As the only manufacturer of metal additive manufacturing machines in the UK, Renishaw can apply its expertise to a number of applications including medical and dental.

For more information on how prosthetists and technologists can benefit from additively manufactured patient-specific implants, visit the website here.


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