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Renishaw displays advanced encoder products at WIN 2015

20 February 2015

WIN Automation 2015 logo

Renishaw will be exhibiting at WIN Automation 2015 from 19-22 March in the TUYAP Fair Convention and Congress Centre, Istanbul. Visitors to stand B240, Hall 2, will see a range of Renishaw's precision position feedback systems.

As a world leader in position encoders, Renishaw will highlight its latest products including RESOLUTE™, the world's first single track fine-pitch optical absolute encoder. In rotary (angle) configuration, this is capable of 32-bit resolution at 36 000 RPM or, in linear format, 1 nanometre at speeds of 100 m/s and lengths to 10 m. RESOLUTE determines position immediately at switch-on and is compatible with a range of open and proprietary serial protocols including Siemens DRIVE‑CLiQ, BiSS, FANUC, Mitsubishi and Panasonic.


Visitors to WIN Automation will learn that the advantages of this system include: wide set-up tolerances, superior long-term reliability, instant operation after power-up without reference return, high speed performance to 100 m/s, low Sub-Divisional Error (SDE) of typically ±40 nm and low jitter (noise) to 10 nm RMS. Position information is assured by an independent position-checking algorithm that sets an error flag to prevent the transmission of erroneous data to the controller.

The result is better surface finish of CNC machined parts, better scanning and velocity control, and rock-solid servo stiffness on linear motors or rotary direct-drives when holding position. RESOLUTE is now available in ultra-high vacuum (UHV) and extended temperature range (ETR) compatible variants for advanced applications.

TONiC™ linear encoder with interface, RSLM and RGSZ scale

Also on display at WIN Automation will be Renishaw's range of TONiC linear / rotary compact incremental optical encoders. TONiC readheads use Renishaw's unique optical filtering scheme and dynamic signal processing to provide output signals of exceptional purity, SDE of typically ±30 nm, jitter to 0.5 nm RMS and resolutions to 1 nm. Integrated set-up LEDs also give a visual indication of the signal level and eliminate the need for additional diagnostic tools. All TONiC scales feature the unique IN-TRAC optical reference mark, directly embedded into the incremental channel, which remains phased at all speeds and throughout the entire operating temperature range. Recent additions to the TONiC range include optional 2 nm and 1 nm resolutions, a Dual Output (DOP) encoder interface, and compatibility with Renishaw's Dual Signal interface (DSi) for high accuracy rotary axes.

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