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Renishaw launches new faster variant of its RGH24 encoder

28 July 2017

Renishaw's RGH24 range of optical incremental encoders with linear RGS20 gold scale has a long and successful track record over many years; it has become an industry standard and continues to be much in demand to this day.

As manufacturers upgrade their industrial processes for greater efficiency and throughput via higher speeds, precision and reliability, position feedback sensors are key and must keep pace.

Renishaw has now launched new readhead variants of the RGH24 to support the latest in state-of-the-art manufacturing. These enhanced readheads have the same form and fit as the original RGH24 and may be used as a drop-in-replacement. The new encoders offer an expanded range of clocking options, which allow much higher speeds to be achieved due to changes in the internal electronics of the readhead. These changes include a faster interpolation processor and modifications to support higher data rates.

Performance enhancements include: faster speeds at higher resolutions, e.g. 3 m/s at 0.1 µm resolution; lower cyclic error and two high resolution options of either 0.1 µm or 0.2 µm. All other features such as the ‘substrate-mastered' RGS gold scale and digital RS422 output are the same as the standard product.

The upgraded RGH24 systems give customers all the benefits of the pre-existing RGH24 range but with higher operating speeds, enhanced resolutions and better accuracy.

About RGH24

The RGH24 has a compact readhead with integral interpolation which offers industry standard digital and analogue outputs. Its non-contact design enables high speed, reliable operation with zero friction and zero wear.

The RGH24 range has proven to be resilient to conditions considered challenging for most other open optical encoders. They have been installed by many of the world's leading linear motion OEMs across a wide range of industrial applications including metrology, machine tool, electronics, semiconductor and FPD manufacturing.

The compact RGH24 readhead also features a set-up LED indicator, unique filtering optics for excellent dirt immunity, and integral interpolation down to 10 nm. This encoder offers proven reliable performance and value making it one of Renishaw's best-selling encoder systems.