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Renishaw launches new Raman spectroscopy website

8th August 2014

Renishaw launches new Raman spectroscopy website

A fresh new look and more comprehensive information makes the website a vital resource for anyone wanting to know more about Raman spectroscopy and its applications.

The new website includes updated content, improved navigation and more images, making key information clearer and more easily accessible. The content has been divided into more relevant sections to simplify searches.

Visitors, who may not be familiar with Raman spectroscopy and its benefits, will find an entire section called ‘Raman explained'. Those looking for detailed information on Renishaw's award winning product, the inVia Raman microscope—or other Raman products—will find more technical information, including specifications and configurations, along with new examples of how different techniques are used.

Academics, researchers and industrial users will find useful information about their applications, providing them with clear benefits on how Renishaw's Raman systems can help them.

Simon Holden, Director and General Manager, Spectroscopy Products Division, said: “For the past 20 years we have been continuously developing our Raman microscope to ensure it can deliver the results customers need. To support this, we've updated the website, making it easier to use, as well as a valuable source of information on Raman spectroscopy and the Renishaw product line.”

David Reece, Business Development and Marketing Manager, said: “The new website is part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and availability of information to customers worldwide.”

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