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Renishaw partners Advanced Digital Technology Foundation

4 December 2017

Global engineering and healthcare technology company, Renishaw, has become a gold sponsor of North American based head and neck reconstruction organisation, Advanced Digital Technology (ADT) Foundation. As a result of this participation, Renishaw can share its knowledge and expertise in digital technology with industry clinicians and scientists.

ADT Foundation is a volunteer-run organisation that was created to enhance the use of digital technologies in reconstruction of the head and neck. To do this, it brings together clinicians, clinical scientists and pure scientists. These experts share knowledge, findings and ideas at conferences, workshops and symposia.
The aim of ADT Foundation is to identify new digital technologies that can transform this area of healthcare and is the only organisation that is dedicated to this specific application.

Renishaw has been developing its expertise in using additive manufacturing to produce patient-specific titanium craniomaxillofacial (CMF) implants. These implants are produced from digital designs based on data from CT scans. Additionally, the implantation procedure can run more smoothly as the implants are specifically tailored to the patient.

Through this sponsorship Renishaw can encourage industry collaboration and advancements by attending ADT Foundation events and speaking about its technologies, showcasing its products and running workshops.

“Reconstruction is a life changing procedure for cancer patients with head and neck tumours,” explained Ed Littlewood, Marketing Manager of Renishaw's Medical and Dental Products Division. “The procedure aims to improve cosmetic and functional deficits that can otherwise lead to psychological, physical and occupational disabilities.

“With the introduction of pioneering digital technology and the communication and education support around the industry, clinicians will be able to avoid these detrimental consequences in patients.”

“Renishaw is a pioneer in the development of additive manufacturing and its applications,” explained Dr Dominic Eggbeer, Head of Surgical and Prosthetic Design at PDR and Treasurer of the ADT Foundation. “The company's unique perspective as a global engineering company can give clinicians and other healthcare professionals the latest insight of a leading additive manufacturing expert.

“Ultimately this could enable surgeons to treat more patients and save costs due to reduced surgery time and number of surgeries per patient. Patients will also benefit as they may only require one operation and their recovery time is likely to be reduced due to the accurate fit of the implant.”

Renishaw is a world-leading engineering company with expertise in additive manufacturing for the healthcare sector. It partners with many industry bodies, charities and organisations to further the use of innovative products in healthcare, to improve procedure times and patient outcomes.

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