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Renishaw presents in-SEM Raman spectroscopy and mapping at M&M 2017

July 2017

Global engineering and scientific technologies company, Renishaw, is attending the Microscopy and Microanalysis 2017 meeting, at the America's Center in St Louis, Missouri, USA. The meeting, taking place between August 6th -10th, is the largest scientific meeting in the world devoted to advances in microscopy and microanalysis. The company will be launching the addition of Raman mapping to its successful in-SEM Raman system. Renishaw can be found on booth 317.

This year marks Renishaw's sixth consecutive appearance at the meeting, where it will be exhibiting its SEM-SCA interface, linking Renishaw's inVia microscope to SEM, now with the addition of in SEM mapping. The system combines optical spectroscopy in situ with scanning electron microscopy to enhance the understanding of materials. With Renishaw's SEM-SCAs in-SEM XY stage it is possible to determine the spatial variations in stress/strain and characterise defects, mapping the molecular and crystalline properties of complex materials.

The SEM-SCA interface simply attaches to an existing vacuum port of the SEM, removing the need for a large or custom chamber. This incredible flexibility ensures the SCA interface is compatible with SEMs from the world's leading manufacturers. Renishaw's stand will feature its SEM-SCA with a JEOL JSM-IT500LA scanning electron microscope.

“By combining Raman spectroscopy with SEM, users can obtain co-located morphological, chemical, elemental, physical and electronic analysis of samples,” explains Tim Smith, Head of Applications. “A key benefit of Renishaw's SEM-SCA is its ability to acquire Raman and SEM data from the same point on the sample without having to move it.”

The innovative setup of Renishaw's in-SEM Raman solution retains full independent use of Renishaw's inVia microscope, without compromising its cutting-edge Raman imaging technologies. Visitors to the stand will be able to see Renishaw's new inVia Qontor confocal Raman microscope, with its incorporated real-time focus-tracking technology for Raman imaging. LiveTrack™ removes the need for manual focusing, pre-scanning or sample preparation (to give a flat surface). Uniquely, LiveTrack provides continuous feedback to the sample stage, which adjusts to follow the height of the sample. Users can track the surface of a sample, live, while acquiring surface or subsurface Raman data.

The company is running two Vendor Tutorials on the booth between 5.45pm - 6.45pm on Monday and Tuesday evening. These sessions will focus on Raman spectroscopy and mapping in SEM (Monday) and developments in fast confocal Raman imaging (Tuesday). Advanced registration is required at the MSA MegaBooth (304) inside the Exhibit Hall, from Monday August 7th.

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