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Renishaw smart manufacturing solutions take centre stage at MACH 2018

February 2018

Precision engineering and manufacturing technologies company Renishaw is showcasing its wide range of process control solutions for advanced manufacturing industries at MACH 2018.

A high-productivity machining cell, featuring integrated process control, is on display at Renishaw's main stand (H19-430) to demonstrate how high levels of automation and connectivity can be incorporated into CNC machining operations to improve productivity levels and process capability.

Renishaw's own structured approach to identifying and controlling sources of process variation before, during and after machining, results in consistent, automated and productive metal cutting. From preventative machine maintenance and automated tool and part setting, through to in-process measurements and off-machine gauging for direct process control and verification, Renishaw technologies enable fully automated end-to-end machining processes controlled at the point of manufacture, with zero manual intervention.

The cell on display at MACH replicates the closed-loop process control applications that Renishaw uses to machine parts in its own production facilities in the UK. These plants include the 460,000 sq ft site in Miskin, South Wales, where integrated application of Renishaw technologies enables highly productive, automated manufacturing with reduced labour and skill requirements despite the low volume, high variety manufacturing environment. By integrating layers of precision measurement and automated inspection technology into the production processes, the Miskin plant demonstrates an approach to future smart factory concepts that can be achieved today with current technology.

As Industry 4.0 and the current shortage of skilled engineers demand that businesses increase productivity without increasing their workforce, manufacturers are turning to industrial automation and intelligent processes to reduce skill and labour requirements in CNC production. Renishaw has extensive expertise in working closely with its customers to successfully introduce automated process control solutions into manufacturing operations, with a global network of experienced applications engineers providing technical support and partnerships for innovative manufacturing.

Smart factory concepts require connected control systems that are easy to use and provide sufficient measurement data immediately for self-correction and adaptation to sources of process variation. Visitors to Renishaw's MACH 2018 stand will discover how the latest developments in intelligent process control technologies can be adapted and integrated into CNC machining operations across many industries today, bringing the ‘factory of the future' into focus for manufacturers worldwide.

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