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SLM 250 scanning laser

2D laser scanner for mobile platforms, autonomous vehicles and prescence detection

Industry-engineered laser scanner for standalone operation or for system integration

SLM 250 scanning laser module

The Renishaw SLM 250 is a scanning laser system, designed to produce 360°, 2D profiles of the surrounding vicinity, using time-of-flight technology combined with range and bearing data over ranges up to 250 m. It has been designed to be rugged and reliable, whilst operating in an industrial environment.

The lidar sensor within the SLM 250 offers data output rates up to 36,000 points per second, with full 360° planar field of view, giving an angular resolution of 0.01°. Using a Class 1 eye-safe laser, the SLM 250 delivers range accuracy to 3 cm with 1 cm resolution.

Depending on the application, the SLM 250 may be used for static mounted presence detection for security, profiling and area monitoring or connected directly to a motion control system for autonomous mapping and collision detection.


  • Data sheet:  SLM 250 data sheet Data sheet: SLM 250 data sheet

    Renishaw’s OEM Scanning Laser Module (SLM) utilises pulsed time-of-flight technology to provide users with contactless measurements to passive targets. The Scanning Laser Module variant is designed specifically to measure distances to objects or targets in a 360° plane around the scanner. This can be used to create a virtual representation of the surrounding environment.