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Speech by Sir David McMurtry, Chairman and Chief Executive of Renishaw plc on the occasion of the visit of HRH The Princess Royal

12 August 2015

“Your Royal Highness, Lord Lieutenant, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I would firstly like to thank Her Royal Highness for presenting us with our 18th Queen's Award, which I believe puts us into an elite group of the most successful Queen's Award winners of all time.

We won our first Queen's Award in 1979 for Export Achievement, and whilst we have been fortunate to have been recognised a further seventeen times over the years, to receive a Queen's Award is still very special as they continue to be regarded as the UK's most prestigious awards for recognising commercial and technological success.

I would therefore like to pay tribute to the many people across the Renishaw Group who have contributed to the design, manufacture and marketing of RESOLUTE, which is a world-first in its field and a product that marries our years of experience and expertise in areas such as optics, high speed image processing, system engineering and precision manufacturing.

Today also marks another significant landmark in Renishaw's progress – the formal opening of the largest new building that we have ever constructed.

Your Royal Highness; you have been reminded today of the last visit that you made to Renishaw in October 1980. At that time you honoured us by opening an extension to our first ever commercial premises in Wotton-under-Edge.

At that time Renishaw had:

• just over 100 employees
• annual sales of £2 million
• all of our employees were based at one site
• no overseas operations
• had recruited our first apprentice the previous year
• had just won our 2nd Queen's Award

Today we have:

• over 4,000 employees
• we are forecasting annual sales for the year just ended of between £480 and £510 million
• we now have 15 offices in the UK and an additional 56 offices in 31 countries
• we now have 114 apprentices in training and this year will also recruit a record 70 young graduates
• And of course we have just been honoured with our 18th Queen's Award

Renishaw continues to lead the world in many aspects of industrial measurement, helping companies globally to manufacture their products faster, more accurately and more efficiently. Such has been our growth over the past 35 years that I am confident that today there is not a plane, train or automobile in the world that is not touched in some way by our products.

Ma'am, you have also seen today the contribution that we are now making in the field of healthcare, including pioneering treatments for Parkinson's, brain cancer and facial reconstruction, and faster methods of diagnosing human infectious diseases. This gives me and many of our team a great sense of pride and highlights the exciting possibilities for the future growth of the company.

Where might it be in another 35 years?

This excellent new building is also a place which we hope inspires people – both our own employees who visit and work here, but also our global customers and people from the many communities in which we operate.

Therefore, whilst this building is very much focused on the future and helping Renishaw and our customers to achieve ever greater technology breakthroughs, we are also very keen to honour those British innovators who have helped us as a society get to where we are today.

Every meeting room in this building is named after innovators in the fields of science and engineering, and other related fields – from Edward Jenner, the inventor of the Smallpox vaccine, and Ada Lovelace, regarded as the world's first computer programmer, to Isambard Kingdom Brunel, perhaps the greatest of all British engineers.

We hope that their stories and achievements will help inspire future generations of innovators.

The Renishaw Innovation Centre is one of a series of significant investments that we are making to secure our future growth here in the UK, and in our many overseas markets. This building on its own represents a £20 million investment and I would like to thank all of the Renishaw employees and our contractors who have worked incredibly hard to deliver such a high quality facility.

These are truly exciting times for Renishaw and now Ma'am I would like to invite you to formally open the Renishaw Innovation Centre.”

After The Princess Royal unveils the plaque she is presented with a commemorative gift

“And finally, we would like to make a small presentation to you - to thank you for honouring us with your presence today and for helping us celebrate our 2 special occasions.

During your short tour earlier you saw that Renishaw is the UK's only manufacturer of an industrial 3D printing machine that prints metal parts. This is the very latest 21st Century technology that is starting to have a significant impact on the way that products will be manufactured in the future.

You may also have glimpsed our old Mill HQ building that was built over 200 years ago in 1802.

Therefore we decided to combine the past with the present and use our 3D printing machine to make a replica of the Mill building, produced in the metal Titanium. And to add to the combination of old and new, the base on which the replica sits is made from pine wood taken from one of the original beams in the Mill.

Ma'am, thank you again for visiting us today and we hope that the replica will remind you of our special day in Gloucestershire. I would now like to ask our award winning engineer and former apprentice Lucy Ackland to present you with this small gift.”

About Renishaw

Renishaw is one of the world's leading engineering and scientific technology companies, with expertise in precision measurement and healthcare. The company employs over 5,000 people worldwide and supplies products for use in applications as diverse as jet engine and wind turbine manufacture, through to 3D printing, dentistry and brain surgery.