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SPRINT™ system with SupaScan – new on-machine contact scanning technology from Renishaw at MACH 2018

February 2018

Renishaw, a world-leading engineering technologies company, will demonstrate a new member of its award-winning SPRINT product family for on-machine scanning at MACH 2018, (9th–13th April, stand H19-430).

The new SPRINT system with SupaScan is designed for simple integration into machine tool applications requiring exceptionally fast workpiece set-up, and where overall cycle time is critical, bringing the benefits of scanning technology to the mass market. The system also provides the ability to perform advanced scanning functionality such as monitoring the final condition of a component surface.

World's fastest workpiece set-up cycles

SupaScan technology delivers workpiece set-up cycles which measure accurately even at rapid feedrates (G0), resulting in the fastest possible spindle probe based solution for workpiece set-up. Testing on typical industrial components has seen cycle time reductions of over 70% when compared to standard high-speed touch-trigger cycles.

The new system utilises existing SPRINT system hardware and introduces the new DPU-1 Data Processing Unit, which has been designed to simplify system integration and which requires only minimal control options and machine connections. Supplied macro cycles allow the offset and alignment of components from lines, circles and plane measurements. Additionally, as the system is compatible with Renishaw's Inspection Plus macro software cycles, existing part programs using touch-trigger probing can be supported with no reprogramming costs.

Surface plane variation (high point / low point) can also be measured thanks to the system's unique 3D sensor technology. This allows the setting of workpiece locations based on minimum depth of a component; a popular requirement in refurbishment applications.

Rapid detection of surface defects

Measurements provided by the SPRINT system with SupaScan include detection of surface condition defects such as those caused by worn and blunt tooling, mismatches between cutters, and step-over errors. Automating these measurements on the machine allows a significant improvement in measurement reproducibility and provides an opportunity to correct a fault whilst the component is still in the fixture, helping to reduce scrap and maximise profit.

These results can be visualised using a new ‘surface condition' app which is designed to be installed on the CNC machine tool control or a connected Microsoft® Windows® PC and allows the review of measurement data across a workpiece surface.

The SPRINT system with SupaScan is the unrivalled choice for fast, accurate and consistently repeatable workpiece set-up applications as demanded by markets such as automotive and consumer electronics, providing unparalleled cycle time reductions.

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