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Since 2018, Renishaw has sponsored K'nex primary school workshops across Gloucestershire bringing STEM subjects to life.

Exploring measurement with K'nex


Students are provided with an introduction to the exciting world of engineering by using K'nex. The challenge is to move an object a certain distance, students can explore all sorts of ideas including slides, conveyor belts, moving arms, catapults etc

K'nex is a very adaptable construction kit that allows pupils to experiment with structures, gears and other mechanisms.

STEMworks runs the half day workshops and the children from years 5 & 6 participate; students work in teams and a winning team is chosen from each school based on their ability to work together, solve problems, produce a working model and communicate their ideas to each other and the judge. The team with the best solution is then invited to the Gloucestershire K'nex final at Renishaw's headquarters.

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