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Supreme speed with SupaScan QuickPoint cycles

11 September 2018

In the past, if maintaining a short machining cycle time was critical to your process, there was a difficult decision to be made about whether the benefits of any automated on-machine probing outweighed the increased cycle time. Now with the SupaScan QuickPoint macro, probing is so fast that the choice has become much easier; on-machine probing is now a reality even for machining applications with very short cycle times.

Reduce inspection cycle time with the ultra-fast QuickPoint macro

Exclusive to SupaScan – Renishaw's ultra-fast on-machine probing solution for workpiece set-up – the QuickPoint macro cycle delivers market leading speed of measurement.

QuickPoint cycles are different from normal touch-trigger cycles as they measure using the analogue deflection of the OSP60 probe – Renishaw's innovative analogue probe for machine tools, capable of scanning and touch-point measurement. As there is no need to wait for the machine tool's trigger response, point measurement is much quicker using the QuickPoint macro.

After each point measurement is taken, results are stored in machine variables. These results can then be used for job set up prior to machining, to measure a component mid cycle for in process control, or to inspect a component after machining has completed for post-process verification.

The macro offers a compelling alternative to other Renishaw touch-point cycles – allowing existing touch point routines to be upgraded with ease.

Optimise for the fastest probing possible

QuickPoint cycles are incredibly quick out-of-the-box, but Renishaw believes the speed is unbeatable when optimised. By adjusting the approach and retract moves, the QuickPoint cycle provides the fastest possible toolpath for point measurement.

In its optimised state, the OSP60 probe travels at the maximum G1 feedrate for the machine, dwelling for just 20 milliseconds, before moving rapidly to the next measurement location.

Amplify the benefits of QuickPoint probing

SupaScan provides the same benefits as all Renishaw probing systems – helping you to reduce scrap and increase productivity. The QuickPoint macro cycle within SupaScan amplifies these benefits – minimising measurement time, so you can maximise productive machining time.

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