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Symposium programme

Inside Raman featured presentations from prominent scientists on their research involving Raman spectroscopy.


 08:45‑09:15 Registration and refreshments
 09:15‑09:30 Welcome
 09:30‑10:00Prof. Steve Evans, University of LeedsFrom Single Molecules to Single Cells: Raman Spectroscopy in Lipid Bilayers and Microfluidics
 10:00‑10:30Dr. Aoife Gowen, University College DublinData fusion of vibrational spectroscopic imaging modalities
 10:30‑11:00 Coffee Break
 11:00‑11:30Dr. Colin Campbell, University of EdinburghUsing Raman spectroscopy to investigate physiological gradients in 3D tissue culture
 11:30‑12:15Dr. Tim Batten, RenishawRaman imaging of samples with complex surface topographies
 12:15‑13:00 Lunch
 13:00‑13:45 Poster session and tour of the Renishaw Innovation Centre
 13:45‑14:15Dr. Ceri Hammond, University of CardiffResonance Raman studies of Lewis acidic zeolites for sustainable catalytic transformations
 14:15‑14:45Prof. Bob Young, University of ManchesterCharacterisation of the structure and deformation of graphene and related 2D materials using Raman spectroscopy
 14:45‑15:15 Coffee break
 15:15‑15:45Dr. Duhee Yoon, University of CambridgeRaman spectroscopic study of transition metal dichalcogenide materials
 15:45‑16:15Dr. Mircea Modreanu, University College CorkRaman spectroscopy: a versatile tool enabling novel materials research
 16:15‑17:00 Drinks reception and tour of the Renishaw Innovation Centre