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Vacuum casting ancillaries

A wide range of ancilliaries are available for Renishaw's vacuum casting systems.

Curing ovens

Curing ovens

We supply a range of storage and curing ovens for materials and moulds. Analogue or digital control can be specified, along with construction materials and supply voltage.


Fume bench, dust bench

Good housekeeping is essential when vacuum casting and our fume and dust benches maintain a clean and safe atmosphere for the machine operator when mixing resins, applying release agent and cleaning parts. The benches are stand alone units which do not need to be connected to an extraction system.

Extension chamber

Vacuum casting 5/04 machine extension chamber

For projects that fall outside the capacity of the standard machine, various extension chambers can be configured to suit your requirements. This option is only available for 5/04 machines.

Twin robot

Twin robot

This option allows you to significantly increase the casting capacity. The twin robot is only available for 5/04 machines and can be configured to 'syncro' or 'independent' modes as required.