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Worldwide success for new rotary axis calibrator

Renishaw's XR20-W rotary axis calibrator has transformed the way customers calibrate rotary axes on machine tools since its launch in 2011. 'Off axis rotary software' now delivers even greater application flexibility.

February 2013

Renishaw's XR20-W rotary axis calibrator has proven to be a hit with customers since its launch in November 2011. Recognising the change in user requirements since the original RX10 was designed almost 20 years ago the new product promised easier set-up and use in a smaller and more compact package.

The combination of these features has resulted in many users finding that the XR20-W enables them to test a wider range of machines and to do so more quickly.

Now, applications flexibility has been further extended by the addition of Renishaw's new ‘Off axis rotary software'. This allows the XR20-W to be used even when it cannot be positioned directly on the rotary axis under test. Users can now test more and different machine tools than was previously possible; giving a better return on investment and offering a more attractive service to their customers. This is already proven to be beneficial for service and maintenance provider Morley Machine Alignment Inc, USA, as explained by their President Tony Morley:

XR20-W mounted off axis on a 5-axis machining centre, Morley Machine Alignment, USA“The new Renishaw XR20-W rotary axis calibrator has transformed the way we calibrate rotary axes on machine tools. Before XR20-W, our technicians relied on a combination of two devices; the old Renishaw RX10 and our in-house designed “Morleyometer” for applications where the calibrator could not be mounted on the centre of rotation. While these devices got the job done, they were heavy, cumbersome and slow. Set-up could be challenging, and the associated cables and fixturing meant that great care had to be taken to ensure that the test proceeded smoothly. The new wireless XR20-W has changed all that. Set-up is now quick and easy and the new RotaryXL software is a pleasure to use.”

He continues, “XR20-W can even be used in “off centre” applications such as trunnions and head type 5-axis machines. Thanks to a new methodology developed by Renishaw and their optional off axis rotary software, mechanical set-ups can be done quickly with just a simple generic mounting fixture, allowing the fully automatic test routine to proceed without delay.”

Mr Morley concludes, “XR20-W has been one of the tools that has enabled us to offer our customers (typically high end aerospace component manufactures) an exceptionally high standard of service and helped our company grow from just 4 employees a few years ago to the 20 strong team we have today.”

The XR20-W is a totally wireless accessory for use with Renishaw's XL-80 and ML10 laser measurement systems. Together, they enable the automatic measurement of rotary axis positioning performance, with traceable ± 1arc second accuracy.

Users across the world have been happy to endorse the new system:

"XR20-W rotary axis calibrator with Bluetooth® wireless technology has improved our productivity and working safety. Simplified alignment methods and user friendly software has increased the flexibility" - Satheesh Jayanna, Assistant Manager, Quality Assurance, Starrag India Private Limited, India (machine tool manufacturer)

“This particular XR20-W is used in the calibration of all rotary axes, as per international standards. The machine calibration accuracy and the confidence level within our team have both increased immensely following the introduction of the XR20-W and it saves significant time (compared to alternative methods). I believe this is an essential quality tool for all machine tools” - Mr C S Venkatesh, DGM – Machine Building, Quality and Service, Machining Solutions Group, Kennametal India Limited, India (machine tool manufacturer)

XR20-W mounted off axis on trunnion table, Hurco, Taiwan“With the features of the XR20-W (easy and flexible set-up due to its size and weight, wireless operation and user-friendly software), we have reduced our test setup time by 40% and test run time by 20%. An added benefit is that Bluetooth® wireless technology has allowed safer testing making supervision a non issue. As a result we do not disrupt shop floor activity, a great attraction to our operations and quality procedures” - Mr Luke Wang, Assistant General Manager of Quality Control Department, Hurco, Taiwan (machine tool manufacturer)

“XR20-W rotary calibrator is very compact and easy to align. It allows us to calibrate any angle with accuracy and reduced our calibration time by 50%” - V Saravanan. Manager, Quality Assurance – Machine tool Division, Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd, India (machine tool manufacturer)

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