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Renishaw File Services

The Renishaw File Services (RFS) system enables the transfer of business related files between Renishaw and our customers.

Web version

Convenient and quick to use; the web version is ideal if you just need to transfer a few small files or you can't install the desktop version (IT department restrictions etc.).

Get started

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  2. View projects View the projects you have access to
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  4. Upload files Start exchanging files with Renishaw File Services

Desktop version

Screenshot of the RFS desktop client

If you are transferring large files or you have an unstable network connection, then you want the desktop version.

The desktop version allows multiple concurrent up- and downloads, adapts to your networks speed for optimal transfer rates and can recover from connection failures. For the most robust performance we recommend the desktop client. It will even let you know when a new version is available for download!

Download the desktop version.


get support We hope the system is reasonably intuitive, but if not you can watch a short video tutorial to bring yourself up to speed quickly.
If this doesn't answer your question then don't hesitate to get in touch with - we'll be happy to help you out.

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