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RMP24-micro radio machine probe

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your machining process with the world's smallest wireless probe for machine tools. Discover our miniature machine tool probe for automated workpiece set-up and inspection on compact machining centres.

RMP24-micro is coming in 2024

RMP24-micro is the world's smallest wireless machine tool probe, measuring just 24 mm in diameter and 31.4 mm in length.

Proven for over five decades, RMP24-micro uses our established kinematic design to deliver fast, accurate and reliable part set-up and inspection.

It is designed for micro precision applications typically found in medical, dental, electronics, jewellery and watchmaking industries. RMP24-micro is the ideal probing solution for machines with small working envelopes, machining high-value parts with delicate surfaces.

Despite its size, it doesn't compromise on performance:

  • Market-leading metrology performance – offers unrivalled repeatability of 0.35µm 2σ for a probe so small.
  • Ultra-low trigger forces – with an XY trigger force of only 0.08N, non-rigid parts are measured accurately whilst protecting against damage.
  • QE series transmission - using our most advanced radio transmission protocol for maximum power efficiency.
  • Patented frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) transmission - providing unmatched resistance to interference.

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Renishaw's RMP24-micro plays a pivotal role in the functionality of our Micro5 machine, contributing to the success of our customer's machining process. Its tiny batteries and compact size means it easily fits into the Micro5's tool magazine, offering a superior alternative to our previous methods of part verification and set-up.

CHIRON Group SE (Germany)

RMP24-micro - the world's smallest machine tool probe in the palm of a hand

The ultimate probing solution for compact machines

RMP24-micro allows efficient and sustainable manufacturing by enabling manufacturers to predict, identify, and correct process errors before they occur.

Until its introduction, ultra-compact machine tools and micro-machining centres weren't able to take advantage of these benefits which are already provided for larger machines by our range of high-accuracy machine tool probes.

RMP24-micro helps users of these machine types to eliminate scrap, save money and reduce their environmental impact.

Enhanced radio transmission protocol

The QE series is our new generation of radio transmission systems. The radio protocol used by our QE series systems lays the foundation for future Renishaw technologies.

The RMP24-micro is our latest QE series probe. It communicates with the ultra-compact RMI-QE radio interface, that is over 60% smaller than its predecessor. Both the RMP24-micro and RMI-QE employ an efficient radio protocol which ensures optimal battery life, minimising the number of batteries required over the product's lifespan.

  • Robust and reliable communication with the RMI-QE, even in busy machine shop environments.
  • Globally recognised 2.4 GHz waveband compliant with radio regulations in all major markets.
  • Avoids interference and dead spots with frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology.
RMP24-micro and RMI-QE in machine tool

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