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5-axis CMM measurement at Control 2019

High performance 5-axis CMM measurement at Control 2019 – increasing throughput without compromising accuracy.

Visitors to Control 2019 saw Renishaw's award-winning REVO® and PH20TM 5-axis measurement systems in action bringing high speed and accuracy benefits to part inspection on co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs).

Fourteen years after the launch of the first REVO system, Renishaw's 5-axis measurement technology remains unmatched, delivering measuring systems for CMMs that simultaneously control the motion of three machine and two head axes whilst collecting workpiece data.

Three CMMs showcased REVO 5-axis measurement systems automating the part inspection process on a single multi-sensor platform. They demonstrated how the system is being used across industries where the highly accurate, but rapid, measurement of different forms and features is an essential requirement. A fourth CMM showed the PH20 system, which provides the advantages of 5-axis motion and infinite positioning in touch-trigger applications.

Measurement for aerospace

The demonstration dedicated to aerospace part manufacturing allowed visitors to see the many advantages that REVO 5-axis systems bring to the inspection of aircraft landing gear, and highlighted the technologies that enable aerospace manufacturers around the world to rely on Renishaw CMM probing systems to achieve traceable inspection of a wide range of high-value components:

  • Increased part access thanks to infinite head positioning, 5-axis motion control and extended module reach into deep bores.
  • Reduced cycle times delivered by 5-axis motion and the drastic reduction of stylus change and calibration overhead.
  • Flexibility to perform surface finish measurement as part of a single CMM measurement program, eliminating the need to move the part to a separate machine and reducing manual intervention.
REVO aircraft landing gear

Measurement in automotive

The REVO retrofitted Zeiss CMM showed automation applied to the automotive industry and demonstrated Renishaw's modular and custom metrology fixturing as well as its direct transfer loading system for use with CMMs. This complements the benefits of automation and rapid throughput that the REVO system brings to automotive manufacturers, providing high-speed scanning, non-contact inspection and surface finish measurement capability from a single CMM:

  • Up to 50% cycle time savings
  • Unrivalled feature access
  • Greater return on investment in CMMs.
Renishaw Control Stand 2019 Zeiss CMM

Renishaw's 5-axis measuring systems will again be showcased at EMO 2019 in September.

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