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Gauging programs with scanning and profile measurements

Powerful MODUS™ metrology software for Equator™systems

MODUS software for Equator™ gauging systems provides a comprehensive suite of 3-dimensional metrology functions, delivered via an intuitive user interface that features full graphical display of measurement routines. Wizards provide a quick and easy way to specify common measurement tasks, ensuring good practice is applied.

With the programmable Equator system, the comprehensive MODUS programming software allows engineers to rapidly create gauging routines for any part - simple or complex, prismatic or free-form.

MODUS features the ability to easily program scanning and touch measurements for Equator, using either the industry-standard SP25 or TP20 probes. Scanning enables thousands of data points to be taken to define a feature, allowing true form analysis.

Applications programmed using MODUS software

Key features

  • Capable of 3D feature measurements
  • Full support for I++ DME compliant metrology controllers, including Equator controller
  • Full compatibility with Equator compare method
  • CAD-driven offline programming, with support for neutral formats of IGES, STEP, Parasolid® and VDA-FS - programs arrive at the machine ready to run, with little or no prove-out required
  • High quality integration with the CATIA® (v5 and v4), Siemens® NX™ (previously Unigraphics®), Pro/E® and Solidworks® CAD / CAM solutions
  • Full motion simulation and collision detection
  • Native DMIS support
  • Certified mathematical algorithms
  • Powerful text and graphical reporting
  • Flexible output of results data including certified Q-DAS

Turnkey solutions

Our highly trained applications engineers can:

  • Set up all part fixturing
  • Program all parts including complex parts using MODUS
  • Produce full Gauge R&R studies
  • Produce customised results reports

The support has been great right from the start. Having all the programs written by Renishaw has made it very easy.

Euromould (UK)