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Truly innovative measurement

Equator™ – the versatile gauge™ is a low-cost inspection system that uses the principles of comparative measurement in a unique way. The Equator is used to compare manufactured parts with a master part, allowing full or part inspection of a variety of components in a shop floor environment.

Comparative inspection
of parts

The Equator's speciality is the comparative measurement of parts produced in repeat batch jobs and medium to high volume production, with a comparison uncertainty of
±2 µm. The versatility of the Equator allows the user to swap between parts quickly, reducing set up times. The SP25 scanning probe can collect thousands of data points quickly, reducing cycle times significantly.


Case study:
Meyer Tool, an Aero-engine component maker "softens" up hard gauge costs.
Case study:
Eponsa has purchased the Renishaw Equator to check the quality of stamped parts and assemblies.
Krishan auto
Case study:
Kishan Auto reduces gauging time and costs by 80% using the Equator.
Data sheet:
The Equator 300 specification document.

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