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Machine tool probing systems

OMP40-2 with OTS

Renishaw probe solutions can help reduce set‑up times by up to 90% and improve your process control.

Renishaw provides solutions for tool setting, broken tool detection, component set-up, in-cycle gauging and first-off component inspection, with automatic offset updates.

How and where probes are used

Probing is an established best practice for maximising the efficiency, quality, capability and accuracy of machine tools. Standard routines built into modern CNC controls simplify the integration of probing cycles into machining operations.

Renishaw probes deliver significant cost savings, and improvements in quality, for all applications using machine tools throughout many industries.

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Achieve breakthough potential with your machine tool!

With over 40 years of breakthrough innovation, Renishaw can bring proven productivity and profit to your manufacturing.

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