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Protect your investment

Probe with confidence

When you use a probe to automate your machining process, any production downtime caused by crashes, operator errors or product defects can be costly to you as a manufacturer.

Renishaw's Premium Support Cover provides you with complete peace of mind, minimising machine downtime, whilst safeguarding your Renishaw probe against accidental damage, and providing a comprehensive 3 year warranty.

Unlimited accidental crash protection

If your probe sustains accidental damage, Renishaw's Premium Support Cover will either replace free of charge, or significantly reduce your cost of replacement.

If an accident occurs, simply call our Customer Service Centre, who will supply you with an Advance Repair By Exchange (RBE) unit to mimimise your machine downtime. We will then asses the damage unit to see whether it is repairable, in which case we will replace the unit free of charge.

If the unit is damaged beyond economic repair, you will only pay the RBE charge, rather than full list price, a typical saving of up to 70%. Additional damaged units outside an agreement are replaced at the product's list price.

There is no limit to the number of crashes that can be incurred during the 3 year period.

Extended warranty

Your Renishaw probe will be covered by a 36 month warranty, rather than our standard 12 month manufacturing warranty or 6 month RBE service warranty, which will provide you with free of charge replacements in the event of product defects.