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Raman Revealed overview

Realise the full potential of your inVia confocal Raman microscope

3-day Training workshop, Renishaw India

09 - 11 October 2017

Course overview

Raman Revealed is designed to be fully interactive, combining tutorials and discussions with numerous hands-on opportunities. Delegates will analyse real data during the software training sessions.

Together, the inVia hardware and WiRE™ software provide a highly versatile suite of tools for Raman analysis. This workshop is designed to impart not only what analysis options are available, but also provide training on how, when and why the various experimental and analytical approaches should be used.

Days 1 & 2

  • A systematic experimental process for efficient Raman analysis
  • Instrument (data acquisition) sessions:
    • Introduction to key internal components of the inVia
    • Basics of white light microscopy and montaging
    • Acquiring point measurements, time series, depth profiles and point maps
    • Optimising instrumental and experimental parameters for effective data acquisition
      (e.g. laser wavelength, laser power, grating, objective and acquisition time)
    • Automated measurement queuing
    • Considerations for sample preparation and presentation
  • Software (data analysis) sessions:
    • Viewing, manipulating and presenting spectral data using WiRE
    • Data processing
    • Univariate data analysis methods (peak pick and curve fitting)
    • Spectral search and databases
    • Creating and manipulating Raman images (maps)
    • Cosmic ray removal and noise filtering tools

Day 3

  • Instrumental (data acquisition) sessions:
    • Fast Raman mapping techniques (StreamLine Plus™ and StreamLine HR™)
    • 3D mapping with StreamLine HR
    • Live imaging
  • Software (data analysis) sessions:
    • Multivariate map data analysis (DCLS, PCA, EmptyModelling™)
    • Particle statistics and fraction estimates


- Rs. 20000 + GST for all 3 days for outstation guests (includes course material, certificate, accommodation, food & local transportation)

- Rs 6000 + GST for all 3 days for local guests (includes course material, certificate, refreshments during the workshop)


Renishaw India, S. No 283, Hissa No.2, S. No 284, Hissa No. 2&3A, Raisoni Industrial Estate, Village Mann, Taluka Mulshi, Pune-411057


To enable hands-on training using individual computers, the workshop is limited to 10 participants. Please complete the online form to register your interest.


If you have any questions about these training workshop, please call on +91 9049001589 or email