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RenAM 500Q High productivity additive manufacturing system

RenAM 500Q

High productivity multi-laser

Additive manufacturing system

Introducing RenAM 500Q

RenAM 500Q is Renishaw's multi-laser AM system. It features four high-power 500 W lasers, each able to access the whole powder bed surface simultaneously. RenAM 500Q achieves significantly higher build rates, vastly improving productivity and lowering cost per part. The RenAM 500Q features automated powder and waste handling systems that enable consistent process quality, reduce operator intervention time and ensure high standards of system safety.

Standard vs high productivity

Introducing the technology which can deliver enhanced productivity - showing the performance difference when building a part with 2 lasers vs 4 lasers.

The technology which sets us apart from the rest

Practical automated management of additional powder throughput on high-productivity systems.

Focus on productivity:
  • Minimise waste and reduce operating costs.
  • Reduce operator intervention and risks associated with human factors.
  • Drastically shorten turnaround times.

Key benefits

RenAM 500Q allows you to address a broader range of components with AM*

Up to 150 cm3/hr deposition rate significantly improves productivity
  • Intelligent gas flow ensures the efficient removal of process emissions and extends filter life
  • Single additively manufactured galvo mounting built in AlSi10Mg with internal conformal cooling fluid channels enables excellent thermal stability of the optical system

* Including wiper time, dependent on part geometry, material and parameter set used.

Key features

Build volume 250 mm x 250 mm x 350 mm

  • Class leading vacuum preparation and low argon consumption
  • Intelligent dual SafeChange™ filter system automatically changes to a clean filter when required
  • Integrated sieving and powder recirculation

Enabling more AM operations

AM 400 & AM 400HT

Process development and
materials flexibility

RenAM 500Q

High volume production of a broader
range of components

RenAM 500M

Serialised high quality production


RenAM 500Q – Additively manufactured galvo mounting

Full field of view for all lasers with unmatched precision

  • RenAM 500Q uses 8 digital galvanometer mirrors closely mounted in a single additively manufactured module.
    • Additively manufactured from AlSi10Mg
    • AM delivers significant performance benefits over traditional manufacturing methods.
  • Lasers mounted close to the centre of the working area, combined with optimised fluid cooling, significantly reduce the thermal and mechanical errors associated with separate optical module designs.
  • Designed to provide each laser with full field of view for optimum production efficiency.

Why consider Renishaw?

Renishaw's breadth and depth of technology and experience in Additive Manufacturing and subtractive precision manufacturing.

What sets us apart?

We are early adopters of using additive manufacturing and this is only highlighted more so by the fact that the Galvo block was 3D printed on our RenAM 500M additive manufacturing system for the RenAM 500Q.

Talk to us, we are the process control experts

Renishaw has the experience and know how to manage the whole process of manufacturing which has been refined over the past 40 years and embedded into our own manufacturing processes to enabling parts to be produced effectively.