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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Subject to the terms of any non-disclosure or other agreement signed between the parties, the customer stated in Section 1 (the Customer) acknowledges that:

1. Renishaw plc or any other company within the Renishaw Group (Renishaw) is providing analysis of the samples supplied by the Customer (Samples) free of charge;

2. Accordingly, the parties agree that it is reasonable that Renishaw:
(a) does not give any guarantees or provide any warranties of any kind to the Customer relating to the results of the analysis of Samples (the Results);
(b) shall not be liable to Customer or any third party arising out of the use of the Results;
(c) shall not be liable for any damage to the Sample(s);
(d) shall not be liable for the loss or damages arising from the loss of the Sample(s):
(e) shall not be liable for any costs incurred for the handling or disposal of the Sample(s) sent to Renishaw which, in Renishaw's opinion, cannot safely be returned or disposed of internally. The Customer hereby agrees to pay all costs arising out of said handling or disposal.

3. The Results are indicative of the capabilities of a Renishaw Raman spectroscopy system (System) but these shall not be taken as an implied or express representation that the Results or performance of the System is guaranteed without further customization and/or detailed analysis of the Customer's needs;

4. Unless the Results are produced at a charge, the copyright in the report containing the Results (Report) belongs to Renishaw and the Customer shall not use the Report except as is reasonably necessary for the purpose of evaluation of the Results and /or the System;

5. The System is a platform technology for the analysis of materials such as the Sample or any other material identical or similar to it. If during analysis of Samples, Renishaw makes an invention related to the manufacture, development or use of the System, including the analysis of samples on such a System, such invention is owned by Renishaw. The Customer owns any invention arising out of the Results that relate to the Samples;

6. Unless covered by prior confidentially agreement between the parties, Renishaw has the right to use the Results in its products and services and in technical, marketing and promotional literature and materials.