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The future of pharmaceutical chemical imaging

The new RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser

Renishaw's chemical imaging system designed exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry. The RA802 is optimised for routine analysis with the speed, automation and precision you need for reliable results.

Coupled with Renishaw's powerful software, the RA802 allows you to analyse a wide range of samples with quantifiable results. It has the functionality and validation required to meet the specific challenges of the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Look at tablets, powders, granules and liquids in their original form.
  • Analyse multiple tablets without user intervention
  • No sample preparation needed; no risk of sample modification or contamination
  • View information-rich chemical images rendered onto 3D surface data
  • Accessible Raman spectroscopy for all users, without compromised performance

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  • Brochure:  Introducing the RA802 Pharmaceutical analyser Brochure: Introducing the RA802 Pharmaceutical analyser

    The RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser: a compact benchtop Raman imaging system that redefines pharmaceutical analysis. Generate information rich chemical images and see the composition and distribution of compounds in intricate detail. Get the meaningful metrics you need quickly, easily and reliably.