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Leading machine tool builders, Yamazaki Mazak, and engineering metrology experts, Renishaw, held the “Hitting the mark” seminar at Mazak’s European Headquarters in Worcester, UK. Over 100 delegates from across the UK attended the "Hitting the Mark" seminar, from a range industry sectors, including aerospace, automotive, medical and energy. A highlight of the event, was a presentation by Justin Walford from Renishaw. Justin introduces the SPRINT System, it's components and the current industry specific applications. The presentation includes the following: Slide 1 - SPRINT is a new game-changing contact scanning system for CNC machine tools. It is currently targeted at industry specific applications and provides new methods of on-machine process control and capability. Slide 3 - What is the SPRINT system A high-speed, on-machine contact scanning system Scans along a pre-programmed path, and records deviations from path Deflections are synchronised with machine position data to give true 3D point data High surface data density of 1000 true 3D points per second Scanning verses traditional touch trigger : Improved cycle time, better accuracy, increased data volume Results in true understanding of feature form Slide 5 - SPRINT system architecture SPRINT system components: Probe (OSP60) Optical Receiver (OMM-S) Interface (OSI-S) Machine Controller (Front end PC with SPRINT CNC Plug-in software) <-- Productivity + editor (To Create SPRINT cycles) Slide 6 - Target applications in high-value CNC machining Prismatic - Scanning of arcs, planes and circles Blade - High-speed scanning of blade and bladed disks Mill turn - Highly repeatable diameter measurement Machine health check - Verification of machine capability in under one minute Slide 9 - SPRINT prismatic features The SPRINT™ system also provides: Discrete point functionality equivalent to standard Renishaw probes SPRINT technology can be used for all existing job set-up and process control tasks Equivalent accuracy to strain gauge Scanned feature capability for circles, arcs and planes Programmed using Productivity+TM Active Editor Pro Slide 11 - SPRINT: Blade Toolkit The SPRINT Blade Toolkit is designed for performing: Blade tip refurbishment Root blending for bladed disk applications On-machine process control for blade manufacturing Intended to: Perform high-speed data collection of blade sections Maintain high data integrity even on leading and trailing edges The SPRINT Blade Toolkit is designed as a replacement for existing touch-trigger solutions. It Delivers: Significant cycle time advantages vs. touch-trigger Significant accuracy advantages vs. touch-trigger and optical systems Slide 14 - SPRINT MTM Toolkit (multi-task machine) The SPRINT MTM Toolkit is designed for performing: Highly repeatable diameter measurement on multi-task machines (Y-axis lathes) Potential for extremely accurate measurement cycles (typically 1-2 µm) using a reference artefact Slide 17 - SPRINT: Machine Health Check Verify machine capability in less than a minute Kinematic test (for multi-axis machines) Linear test (for 3-axis machines) Magnetic artefact Enables Go / No go Check on the machine Slide 19 - SPRINT game-changing capability New Technology 3D contact scanning Delivers high-speed and extremely accurate data Fully integrated into the CNC process New Applications Improved cycle time Increased data volume Better accuracy Leads to understanding full form New Processes Allows a re-think of on-machine process control Fundamental new process capability Game changing capability in high-value CNC machining

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