3DHISTECH integrates encoder technology into its pathology scanner (mp4)

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Located in Budapest, Hungary, 3DHISTECH designs and manufactures one of the world's fastest and highest-capacity autonomous panoramic digital slide scanners – the P1000. The P1000 is a highly accurate scanning microscope that enables large routine pathology labs to capture ultra-high resolution images of medical samples, while operating unmanned for up to 2 days. Building upon 3DHISTECH's successful product range, this new generation of digital slide scanner is the first to have integrated optical and magnetic position feedback encoders for enhanced throughput. With Renishaw's technical support, 3DHISTECH's engineering team were able to specify an encoder for each machine axis and find the appropriate encoder products for their applications. Renishaw's advanced encoders, such as the VIONiC™ series, enable the P1000 to achieve truly market-leading performance.

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