M4 vision fixture component kit A

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This M4 vision fixture component kit is ideal for small parts that fit within a 75 mm × 75 mm working volume. It can be used to hold a wide range of materials from plastics and rubber, to aluminium and steel. It contains 48 fixturing components and complements Renishaw's range of acrylic base plates and quick load corners (QLC).

Technical table

Clamp typeClamping
Component setA
Measurement systemMetric
Plate optionwithout plate
Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
R-S-610-4Ø 6 mm × 10 mm standoff3
R-S-625-4Ø 6 mm × 25 mm standoff3
R-S-95-4Ø 9 mm × 5 mm standoff3
R-S-910-4Ø 9 mm × 10 mm standoff3
R-S-920-4Ø 9 mm × 20 mm standoff3
R-S-925-4Ø 9 mm × 25 mm standoff3
R-S-1210-4Ø 12 mm × 10 mm standoff3
R-S-1225-4Ø 12 mm × 25 mm standoff3
R-SP-610-4Ø 6 mm × 10 mm pin standoff2
R-SP-910-4Ø 9 mm × 10 mm pin standoff2
R-CTT-40-25-436.2 mm tension clamp with coated soft tip, 25.0 mm post2
R-CWT-25-25-431.3 mm wire clamp with coated soft tip, 25.0 mm post2
R-CWT-50-50-449.7 mm wire clamp with coated soft tip, 50.0 mm post 2
R-CP-4Pusher clamp1
R-CVM-B-4Micro-clamp vice with base1
R-CSPS-1210-4Spring pusher standoff clamp1
R-RPA-4Aluminium resting pin4
R-VC-5050-450 mm × 50 mm corner viewer1
R-AJ-9-4Ø9.5 mm adjustable jackstand1
R-AS-30-430.1 mm long adjustable slide1
R-ASA-45-445.0 mm long adjustable acrylic slide base1
R-TB-1619-4Tower block with base 16 mm² × 19 mm1
R-TC-300190-4300 mm × 190 mm × 25 mm component tray 1
R-BC1050 mm × 200 mm × 150 mm compartment box (not shown)1

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