PEL extension bar kit

Product code: A-1047-7005

  • PEL extension bar kit M8
  • PEL extension bar kit M8
  • PEL1 50 mm lightweight extension bar
  • PEL2 100 mm lightweight extension bar
  • PEL3 200 mm lightweight extension bar

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PEL M8 to M8 extension bars, provide extended reach to standard two-wire touch-trigger probes when used with M8 heads, for example TP20 to PH10T or MH8.

Compatible heads:

  • PH10T PLUS
  • PH6
  • PH1
  • PHS1

Compatible probes:

  • TP20
  • TP200
  • TP6 (Not compatible with PEL4)
  • TP2

Technical table

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
A-1047-3484PEL1 50 mm lightweight extension bar1
A-1047-3485PEL2 100 mm lightweight extension bar1
A-1047-3486PEL3 200 mm lightweight extension bar1

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