Product A-3060-0310, REVO® datum ball kit, Ø45 mm

REVO® datum ball kit, Ø45 mm

Product code: A-3060-0310

  • REVO datum ball kit
  • REVO datum ball kit
  • REVO® datum ball kit

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The REVO Ø45 mm ceramic datum sphere is used to calibrate RSP2 probe configurations. Each datum sphere is supplied with its own certificate, traceable to UKAS standards.

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
A-1047-3932S9 spanner1
A-3060-4454REVO datum ball1
A-3060-4502REVO datum ball storage box1
M-3060-4497REVO datum ball pillar1
M-1034-0013REVO datum ball base1
M-1034-0014M10 adaptor stud1
M-1034-0015M8 adaptor stud1
M-1034-0016M6 adaptor stud1
M-1034-00173/8" UNC adaptor stud1
M-1034-00185/16" UNC adaptor stud1
M-3060-4451Tommy bar1

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