Product A-5191-0049, OMI-2 (8m) Assembly

OMI-2 (8m) Assembly

Product code: A-5191-0049

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This OMI-2 assembly includes an 8m exit cable, toolkit, installation and user guide, and magnetic label. 

Combined optical interface and receiver, designed for mounting on a wide range of machine tools within the machine’s working envelope. 

The interface provides users with a visual indication of probe status, start signal status, battery condition and error condition.

Key features and benefits:

• Modulated transmission for improved rejection of optical interference
• Suitable for single (OMI-2) or twin (OMI-2T) probe or tool setter applications
• Adjustable TX and RX range selection 
• User configurable inputs and outputs 
• Compatible with all Renishaw’s modulated transmission probes 

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