Product A-5687-0050, RMI-Q Interface (15m)

RMI-Q Interface (15m)

Product code: A-5687-0050

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This RMI-Q Interface includes an 15m side exit cable with a user guide and tool kit. 

A combined transmitter, receiver and interface unit that enables individual radio turn on and operation of up to four separate Renishaw radio probes. This permits numerous combinations of radio probes and/or radio tool setters to be used on the same machine tool. It is designed to be mounted anywhere within the machine’s working envelope, resulting in a quick and simple installation. Unlike the optical transmission systems, line-of-sight between the probe and receiver is not necessary.

Use of the RMI-Q with multiple Renishaw radio probes is ideal for retrofitting to existing machines.

Key features and benefits:

• Up to four probes with one interface and receiver unit
• Globally available 2.4 GHz frequency band – compliant with radio regulations in all major markets
• Frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) transmission
• Negligible interference from other radio sources means consistent and reliable performance
• Multiple Renishaw radio probes will co-exist within the widest machining environment
• Robust, long range communications make RMI-Q ideal for larger machines

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