Product A-9908-1170, Pan and tilt adaptor kit

Pan and tilt adaptor kit

Product code: A-9908-1170

  • Pan and tilt adaptor kit on tripod with XL-80
  • Pan and tilt adaptor kit with optics
  • Pan and tilt adaptor kit

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The Pan and tilt adaptor kit is designed to allow flexible mounting of laser calibration equipment at angles between 0°- 90° with an infinite pan rotation.
The Pan and tilt adaptor can be used to:
• Mount the XL-80 laser on a tripod or magnetic base for applications such as slant bed lathes.
• Mount a retroreflector at an angle for convenient linear diagonal measurement.
• Mount a XM-600 launch unit on a mount plate for horizontal to vertical adjustment




Kit contents

Description Quantity
Pan and tilt adaptor 1
Mag base adaptor 1
Mounting block adaptor 1
Tommy bar 2


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